Helping People Avoid Spine Surgery
Our Goal is Simple: To help as many people as possible avoid spine surgery.


ProMED Pain Rehabilitation Institute would like to thank all physicians who refer their patients to our care. In this section, we hope you find everything you need to make the referral process more efficient.Your referrals are handled with the utmost care and concern, and our wait times for appointments are very low. We work closely with every referring physician and their patient to ensure the highest quality care at our facility, from start to finish.

If you have one or more patients with back, neck or joint pain that are potential candidates for surgery, and you wish to explore an alternative to surgery or continued medication, we will happily accept your referral:

  • ProMED Pain Rehabilitation Institute - 454 West Boughton Road Suite A Bolingbrook, IL 60440
  • O - (630)226-5754
  • F - (630)226-9908
  • Email -

After our encounter, we will provide you with anything from an opinion to actual treatment, at your direction, followed by a detailed progress note with a report of both the diagnostic conclusion as well as any response to treatment our doctor observes, and whether your patient was helped and to what degree.

Occasionally, we see patients whom we cannot help. If your patient is not a candidate for the procedures we provide, we will inform you immediately and give you a detailed report of the medical reasons for same, as well as any recommendations for alternative treatment you may want to consider.

With any referral, our staff is available by phone or email if you have any questions, concerns, or wish to discuss a specific case. Our clinic accepts and works with most major insurance including worker's compensation.

For your patients, our team will serve as an extension of yours, affording them with by far the BEST non-surgical spine care in Illinois. They will get the most compassionate, convenient and coordinated care. To us, they are not just another patient. Please let us know how we can help!

Get Started with a Pain-Free Life

  • Schedule a comprehensive evaluation with our doctor
  • An advanced option that works where others have failed
  • We tailor your treatment based on your health history
  • We’ll address your specific conditions & individual needs
  • Dedicated to helping people with their pain

We Accept Most Major Insurance

  • Cigna
  • BlueShield
  • Aetna
  • Humana
  • United
  • CareCredit