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Chronic Low Back Pain Hip for 2015?

When movie producers and big time Hollywood stars, like Jennifer Aniston, collaborate on a film, we can assume they believe it will tap into the soul of America …and be a huge moneymaker. So the subject matter has got to be one they’re betting is popular. Violence, sex, adventure and comedy are always safe bets. But what about the themes of chronic back pain or neck pain? Yes, this is the subject matter of a new independent movie starring the former TV sitcom Friends superstar. Are you feeling hip and trendy already as you think about the story of your own back pain?

Living with chronic back pain or neck pain can certainly take an emotional as well as physical toll on anyone. According to an NPR report about the new movie titled Cake, the protagonist of the film lives with chronic physical and emotional pain. Her suffering is so great that she has been expelled from a pain support group.

Aniston said that while learning about back, leg and neck pain to play this role each week, she noticed that she would get twinges of pain throughout her body. To prevent these from becoming chronic, she underwent weekly therapeutic body treatment. She also discussed how she learned about medication and alcohol abuse while people struggle to manage their pain.

Aniston noted that speaking with people suffering with chronic daily pain made her appreciate her body more. According to NPR, the initial audience reactions to the movie have been overwhelmingly positive. This film will likely help raise awareness for the ongoing struggle faced by people living with conditions like chronic back pain.

If you get a chance to see this new movie with your friends and family, it will no doubt trigger some powerful emotions. Beyond the ‘cool factor’ of finally having a movie that addresses an experience you are also living with, you will hopefully benefit from having those around you understand a little bit more about what it might be like for your living with persistent back or neck pain.