Helping People Avoid Spine Surgery

Exploring Common Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is a major cause of disability and lost work productivity. Since there are so many different causes and contributing factors of back pain, it’s advisable to seek professional guidance instead of hoping the problem resolves on its own. A chiropractor can help Bolingbrook residents determine the probable causes of their symptoms and evaluate their back treatment options.

Poor Posture

A chiropractic adjustment can provide immediate relief of lower back pain, but the symptoms are likely to return if the patient uses poor posture throughout the day. In fact, poor posture is a major cause of both short-term and long-term back pain. Poor posture forces the spine out of alignment and can contribute to muscle strain. Over time, it may even exacerbate the degenerative changes of the spine. A chiropractor can help you learn how to correct your posture to restore the neutral alignment of the spine.

Improper Conditioning

Another possible cause of back pain is improper physical conditioning. It’s common knowledge that exercise is crucial for overall wellness, but it’s often difficult to fit in workouts during a busy week. As a result, many people go overboard with their workouts on the weekends. So-called “weekend warriors” are more likely to sustain injuries because of poor muscle conditioning. Not stretching, warming up, and cooling down properly can also contribute to injuries.

Work Habits

If you suffer from chronic lower back pain, it may be time to assess your work habits. Back pain can arise from jobs that require long periods of sitting or standing, as well as lifting heavy objects. It’s worth the investment to use an ergonomically designed office chair if you must sit for long periods. Regardless of whether you must sit or stand, you should try to take regular breaks from your usual position. Stretch and walk around throughout the day to give your back a break. When you lift heavy objects, squat down instead of bending over. Keep the object close to your body as you stand and carry it, and never twist your back to turn while carrying a heavy item.