Helping People Avoid Spine Surgery

How Can I Prevent Back Surgery?

Back surgery may be the final option for some, especially after trying all of the other options available. Making the decision to operate is a major leap, and often times complex, particularly when it involves the spine. Of course, some conditions will require surgery to treat the issue; however, we at ProMed Pain Rehabilitation Institute find that many of our non-surgical methods can be highly effective at easing back pain.

These include taking more preventative measures, as well as providing our patients with information to keep them progressing and moving forward, long after they leave our facility.

Below, we offer three preventative steps that may help you avoid undergoing back surgery. You should always follow your doctor’s prescribed orders first beforehand. Our Bolingbrook non-surgical spine treatment center offers some suggestions that you can easily do at home, without over-exerting yourself.

Five Ways You Can Avoid Back Surgery

1. Modify your diet.

What you put into your body can have a direct effect on your overall health. If you are filling your body with foods high in fat or sugar can lead to pain in your spine due to inflammation, which adds pressure or pain in the spine. A balanced diet can also serve to keep your weight within a healthy to normal range, easing some of the pressure on your spine.

2. Exercise regularly.

It might sound counterintuitive, as most people believe that rest and relaxation are the ticket to easing back pain. However, exercise can actually strengthen your body, particularly the muscles in your back. It also helps with blood circulation y delivering more blood to the areas that ache the most.

3. Physical therapy.

Physical therapy is essential if you are looking for ways to make sure your muscles are working as efficiently as possible. We typically recommend physical therapy for disc treatment, including sciatica or bulging discs. Additionally, we might recommend chiropractic care and adjustments to you spine to help joint tissues and allow far greater mobility.

As always, you can ask our team at ProMed Pain Rehabilitation Institute about the right treatment method for your back pain. It is our hope that our non-surgical approaches can help you find relief!

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