Helping People Avoid Spine Surgery

A Look at Physical Rehabilitation Treatments for Back Pain

Back pain can be frustrating and even debilitating if left untreated. Doctors recommend that back pain sufferers consider physical therapy in Bolingbrook and Naperville if their back pain episode has lasted for more than two weeks, or it their back pain returns frequently.

Passive Physical Therapy

When treatments or movements are applied to the injured body part, it is referred to as passive physical therapy. Examples include using a heating pad on the lower back or an ice pack on sore muscles. Heat and cold therapies are frequently used in physical therapy to treat back pain, providing relief for patients with little cost. Spasms in the back can cause mild to excruciating pain, but can be resolved or reduced with the application of heat. Applying ice packs to the injured area can slow the inflammation that occurs immediately after an injury as well as numb the muscles and slow the nerve impulses, reducing the patient’s pain.

Active Physical Therapy

Active physical therapy treatments and exercises are used in addition to passive treatment to rehabilitate patients and treat their back pain. Your physical therapist may recommend spinal manipulation to improve movement of the joints and soft tissues in the spine. Your therapist is also likely to teach you a set of exercises to perform that will stretch and strengthen the muscles in your back. Many patients benefit from training that teaches them proper bending and lifting techniques, and that highlights the importance of good posture for the health of their spine.

Exercise for Back Health

The right kinds of exercises are important for preventing back injury and promoting spinal health. The muscles attached to the spine help take some of the weight and strain off the spine and by making these muscles strong, you can take some pressure off of the spine and increase its health and durability. Patients who learn a set of the right back exercises can often prevent back pain from recurring and accelerate back pain rehabilitation.