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How a Chiropractor Can Help You Overcome Sports Injuries

Sports can be a fun way to get exercise, but they can also result in injured joints, bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. If you have suffered a sports injury, a chiropractor near Bolingbrook and Naperville can help reduce your pain and increase your strength and flexibility.

Sports Injury Causes

Repetitive strain injuries are a common occurrence in athletes, caused by the overuse of a particular body part and resulting in damaged tissues in the area. Another frequent sports injury is a damaged ligament, usually caused by hypertension or hyperflexion of a joint due to a traumatic force. Poor posture and technique can contribute to sports injuries, as well as preexisting conditions that leave an area of the body vulnerable to damage.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

Chiropractors specialize in the treatment and prevention of injuries to the back, neck, knee, shoulder, and ankle. By making adjustments in the spine that realign the vertebrae, tension can be relieved in the body and motion can be increased or restored. Athletes who have suffered injuries caused by repetitive motions, forceful impacts, failure to warm up properly, or over-training can recover faster and experience reduced pain symptoms if they choose to have chiropractic joint or back pain treatment.

Sports Injury Prevention

Most sports injuries can be avoided if you use proper form and technique, and if you wear the appropriate protective gear and clothing. It’s important to warm up before beginning any physical activity or sport to prevent tears to your muscles and other tissues. If you follow a training regimen, considering breaking up your routine into hard and easy days and alternate your workouts between them to give your joints and muscles a rest and a chance to heal. If you are in real pain while exercising or playing a sport, do not push through it as you can cause further injury. Instead, rest your body when it is sore or in pain, and seek medical care if the pain is ongoing.