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Tips for Alleviating Whiplash Pain

Managing your pain after a whiplash injury can be extremely difficult. Whiplash, which is a more common name for a neck strain, can happen in many ways, though it’s most often sustained in a car accident. Essentially, whiplash occurs when a sudden impact forces your head and neck to jerk forward or backward, causing the muscles in your neck to stretch or tear.

Treating Whiplash Pain

Whiplash pain can sometimes be immediate, but may also take a few days in order to really hit you with its full force. Because of this, people sometimes fail to take immediate steps to help alleviate some of this pain right from the start, purely because they aren’t aware that they will even have it.

The good news for whiplash sufferers? It usually heals on its own over time. The bad news? It can take several days or even weeks in serious cases, and that’s a long time to deal with your pain. So how do you relieve some of that pain? Here are a few tips.

Ice your neck as soon as you think you have sustained whiplash. Keep the ice on it for 15 minute stretches every 3-4 hours for 2-3 days. This helps relieve swelling of and numbs the pain.

Take painkillers as directed by your doctor. Anti-inflammatory drugs that are non-steroidal, like Advil or Aleve will help with both the pain and the swelling. If these do not have an effect, inform your doctor, as they may wish to prescribe a stronger medication.

Use a neck brace. They may look silly, but the support you receive can help you heal faster and experience less pain. However, don’t use this for more than a few days; a neck brace can actually weaken the muscles in your neck due to non-use atrophy.

After icing, use moist heat on your neck. Once the initial swelling has subsided, use a warm, wet towel or take a warm bath to help the muscles relax. However, only do this after at least two days of consistent icing as detailed above.

If you stick to these guidelines, you could see a remarkable improvement in your pain levels. However, if you do not see an improvement within a few days, it’s strongly advised that you return to your doctor or seek an alternative method of therapy.

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