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Other Side Effects of a Neck Injury

We see a number of patients who have sustained neck injuries from a wide variety of sources. Some come from sports or physical exercise, but it’s also not uncommon to see them come from car accidents, slip-and-fall incidents and more. Many of these people often come to us and let us know about symptoms they are experiencing that they think are completely unrelated to their injury, and are surprised to learn that they are in fact directly connected. Here are a few examples.

Trouble Walking

You may think that an injury or pain in your neck would be completely unrelated to pain in your legs, but the truth is that your neck injury can influence muscles and nerves that are connected to those in your legs. This means you could experience pain while walking or even trouble moving your legs in severe cases. If you are experiencing any of these issues, your neck injury could be severe and you should see a doctor right away.

Bladder Control

Another less-common symptom of a neck injury is a loss of bladder control. This again stems back to the spinal cord, and a strain on the nerves connecting the brain to the bladder can result in a loss of control. This is also a serious issue, and you should see a doctor right away if you experience this issue.

Lower Back Pain

A dislodged vertebrae in the back of your neck can throw your whole spine out of alignment, and doing this can place an extremely large load of additional weight on the rest of your spine. As a result, people who experience minor neck injuries will often complain of pain in their lower back. This is the result of the extra weight your head is putting on your spine causing muscle pain due to an increased workload. Normally this can be cured through pain management and chiropractic treatment, but requires some patience and usually several weeks’ worth of treatment.

If you are suffering from neck pain after an accident or a sports injury, avoid the pitfalls of costly neck surgery through careful pain management from ProMED Pain Rehabilitation Institute. Our Bolingbrook chiropractors strive to help our patients avoid spinal surgery, and have helped over 86% of our patients reduce their pain using non-surgical procedures that offer less risk and financial burden to patients.

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