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What Is Failed Back Surgery Syndrome?

When it comes to dealing with back pain once and for all, invasive surgery is a serious option. While it relieves the main issue, pain may continue to persist. In many cases, many people still experience back and leg pain after spinal surgery, which is a condition known as “failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS).” Fortunately, there are various options to reduce the residual pain so those who suffer from FBSS can get their life back to normal.

Overview of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

According to studies, 5% to 50% of patients undergo spinal surgery experience some form of FBSS. The condition can arise from a variety of surgeries and often occur due to the removal of bone (laminectomy or foraminotomy), disc material (discectomy), or even a fusion of spinal segments.

FBSS does not exactly mean that a surgeon failed to correct the original issue or that the pain is worse post-surgery. It only refers to the pain which occurs following surgery – whether the pain is slightly improved, unchanged, or worse.

Potential Causes

There are several factors which can result in the development of FBSS. Problems prior to surgery can affect the final results, such as anomalies in clinical images, spinal instability, or even preexisting conditions – such as diabetes and autoimmune disease. Additionally, psychological issues, including anxiety and depression, can also play a role.

Available Treatments

It is important to understand that repeat spinal surgery is not as effective as the primary surgery. Additional treatments are offered by a pain management physician to address the residual pain post-surgery. They may apply minimally invasive treatments, such as epidural steroid injections, radiofrequency neuroablation, blocks, or even spinal cord stimulation. These are often paired with physical therapy and other extensive treatments, which can result in improved pain levels and overall quality of life.

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