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Five Facts You Might Not Know About Herniated Disc Pain Relief

herniated discIf you suffer from a herniated disc, you are well aware of how excruciating the pain can be. The sciatica pain it creates run along the sciatic nerve, down to the leg causing a great amount of discomfort. While there are a number of treatments to address this problem, it is important to choose the one that is best for you and your specific circumstances. No two bodies are alike and, therefore, everyone will not react the same to each treatment.

Here are some tips to help guide you on your path for effective pain relief:

  1. Relieve your muscle spasms with heat: Muscle spasms might seem like a small issue to some people, but when they are located on the lower back, they can be unbearable. Find relief by trying out a heating pad or hot compress, which you can periodically place against your lower back throughout the day. You can also look into other forms of heat therapy, such as adhesive heat wraps.
  2. Ask about an epidural steroid injection: An epidural steroid injection is effective for some, providing immediate pain relief through a delivery of strong anti-inflammatory medication, which is injected directly into the affected nerve in the lower back. This method is used to give patients enough pain relief to allow them to proceed with an exercise program as a long term solution.
  3. Discuss manual manipulation with your physician: There are different types of manual manipulation. One type involves high-velocity-low-amplitude (HVLA) force to the area, which is intended to shift pressure away from the affected nerve.
  4. Consider the McKenzie Method: Through exercise, this type of therapy is meant to shift pain away from the sciatica, centralizing it in the lower back. Once the symptoms are gone from the leg, rehabilitation will focus on strengthening the back muscles to prevent the recurrence of pain.
  5. Mindful meditation may also help: For those concerned about medication dependency, meditation might be a helpful alternative. Meditate in a position that feels comfortable and focus on breathing.

ProMED Pain Rehabilitation Institute: Offering Alternatives to Drugs or Surgery

Herniated discs can be treated without invasive surgery. At the ProMED Pain Rehabilitation Institute, we offer safe alternatives to addressing your pain. Our Non-Surgical Spine Center is here when chiropractic, physical therapy, surgery, or pain killers fail to help address the pain caused by your herniated disc.

For treatment that does not require downtime, and a process that is painless and without adverse side effects, call our Non-Surgical Spine Center today at (630) 426-3270 to see if you qualify for our new, cutting edge treatments. It is time for a pain-free life.