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How to Prevent Tech Neck

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t glued to their smart phone, laptop, tablet, or other electronic gadget these days. We’ve grown to rely on our technology for work, entertainment, communication, and many other necessities in our daily lives.

However, while gadgets have improved these areas of our lives, they certainly have done the opposite to our health, specifically our posture. Many people hold their head forward, placing extra strain on their neck in order to see the screens on their gadgets, which over time develops a condition we have come to know as “tech neck.”

Many people don’t recognize how susceptible they are to contracting this condition, as it happens very slowly over time. Head-forward posture looking down at a screen may not seem painful, but many moths and even years of continued strain can have a major impact on your body. Tech neck can be an extremely painful condition with lasting effects, including muscles train, nerve impairment, disc injuries, and even arthritis.

Steps to PreventTech Neck

So how do you prevent this condition and the immense pain it can potentially cause? What if you rely on your tech for your career? There are a few simple ways in which you can combat this condition and continue to use and enjoy your gadgets.

  • Limit Your Usage: If you don’t have to be on your phone or tablet, then put it away for a little while. If your job requires that you use your gadgets for long periods of time, take a short 2-3 minute break every 15-20 minutes. Your eyes will appreciate the rest as much as your neck will.
  • Switch Your Chair: If you must be on your laptop or smartphone while at your desk, switch to a chair that encourages good posture and prevents you from flexing your neck forward while looking down.
  • Bring Your Tech Up: Many companies have created devices that will help bring your gadget up to eye level. These devices reduce the amount of neck flexion and forward pressure caused by tilting your head down, which in turn encourages good posture.
  • Listen to the Warning Signs: If you experience any back or neck pain, focus on making positive changes to your posture.

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